The Dynamic Kickstart Course

for Wedding Officiants

 The foundation you build and grow your 

wedding officiant business on can dynamically affect your future.

Take the opportunity NOW to

Prepare for Your Thriving Wedding Officiant Service

 Officiants face high expectations and intense competition. 

These are extraordinary times for all of us.  

We can help.

Our Kickstart course prepares you to connect with searching couples, communicate effectively, and create a dynamic ceremony. 

The Dynamic Kickstart Course for Officiants 

guides you to build a sustainable business in these extraordinary times.

How the Process Works:

1. Enroll in the Dynamic Kickstart Course 


2. Five separate mails  land in your inbox for your easy access

3. Download. Watch.
Get seen.


Delivered to your inbox in 6 segments

 Are you stuck

  • Wondering when to do the what?
  • Without reliable, proven resources? 
  • Not knowing where to make the right connections?

Let us help you transform your officiant business with our 30+ years of experience.

Build a Thriving Wedding Officiant Service

John Tavner Snelson V


Being asked to officiate a wedding is very flattering and can be nerve-wracking. The Kickstart Course calmed me feeling so apprehensive (on top of everything else going on!!). The ceremony went off beautifully!

Mary Stanz-Averill

Boston, MA

I was a wedding officiant for three years before I decided to officiate as a business. The Kickstart Course was just what I needed. Topics were covered that I would never thought that I needed. It has helped so much in my business and the course itself is very user friendly. I would recommend it for new and seasoned officiants alike!

"The Dynamic Kickstart Course for Officiants improves your reach and expands your skills, all at the same time." Rev. Crystal

Donna Lynn, The Officiant Directory

Wedding Officiants of America

"Even as a seasoned Officiant I learned so much from Crystal’s course. She has a great way of explaining and helping you to think of the little things that create big changes in attracting and booking couples!

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